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On Crossing the Ridge “Wallis: die Besten 18 aus 350”

press release

“I also greatly enjoyed the second half of Glough by René Baptist Huysmans. The ‘beast’ established at the beginning and soon captured is left to die slowly. But this was not staged spectacle, not a hunter lauding it over his defeated prey. Instead this was (to me at least) a shared experience. I didn’t just hear the sound die, I felt it die, I shared the time and space in which that death took place. The ‘death’ is, of course, purely metaphorical. But the experience of sharing a space with a sound as it evolves, and really feeling like you are sharing that space, is something that doesn’t happen often enough in performance.”

Adam Fergler, Without Barlines - Taking a Non-Partitioned Look at Musical Life

“With the new year there’s come a wave of releases of EPs, and amongst them a quite interesting one is René Baptist Huysmans Dawn of the Anthropocene, issued a few days ago by the small Greek label Etched Traumas, and available on its Bandcamp page or on his own Soundcloud page: for the sake of convenience I’ll also embed it here...”  read more

Musicuratum, René Baptist Huysmans’ EP ‘Dawn of the Anthropocene’

“René Baptist Huysmans comes next with an intriguing imaginary collage or composition he named Kurgan. He is a collager or composer of experimental electronic and electro-acoustic music, and part of the collective MuizManz. 'My musical taste as well as my urge to create a new piece seems to be propelled by a desire for an all enveloping musical shape. My favorite percussion instruments turn out to be trains in stations, my favorite ensemble are construction workers at a site. A train journey from Amsterdam to Berlin can be a six-hour-symphony', says René.”

Peer Saer, Elektrik Underground from The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Japan

“Dans Embryon, Mohamed Aroussi renoue avec « la danse de l’ombre » dans un solo très radical, au sol, où la chair et les membres du corps semblent retrouver un état animal. Le support sonore répétitif de René Baptiste Huysmans, évoluant sous l’effet de longs processus, rejoint le minimalisme de la danse.”

Michèle Tosi, En chair et en son avec la danse butō et l’art acousmatique

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