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collaborations with video artists


Garden of Eden (Ein Profil/Huysmans 2013) video by Ʌrtyr  

Impact-9.2  video by Thomas Mohr

Music: Yalbury (Bonaventure/Huysmans 2015), Michael Bonaventure, organ

Essais video by Atelier Suppan

Music: Untitled (2013) and Lyman-Alpha Forest (2013), butō performance by Maki Watanabe

Raben video by Ʌrtyr

Music: Dawn of the Anthropocene (2012)

Cusp (2016) video by Ʌrtyr  

Accretion (Huysmans/Bonaventure 2016) video art by Ʌrtyr, Michael Bonaventure, organ  

Embryon (2016) (excerpt) video by Michel Titin-Schnaider, butō performance by Môh Aroussi

Bipédie 2.0 (2018), butō performance by Denis Sanglard

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